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Full Spectrum hair colour system.


Would you like to have a natural hair color? Aveda’s colouration contains up to 99% natural ingredients that are respectful to both your hair and the environment.


Would you like to have a hair color in tune with your individual needs and your personality? We offer a custom hair color to get an absolutely natural finish.


Aveda hair colouring is used exclusively by specialists. Your hair colour specialist will provide you with advice and inspiration based on experience and knowledge. The skillful use of color, unique, will get the best from your hair.


Did you know that your hair needs special care at home to care for the intensity of colour after a service at Pilar Verdú? The Aveda Color Conserve system of hair care protects and conditions hair colouring, preserving colour for longer.


Apply colour herbal conditioner to your hair, and enjoy its extraordinary softness and brightness. Our innovative botanical formula with patented extract of green tea, contains plant protective oils (sunflower, castor and jojoba) to provide a brighter colour, healthy and lasting. Our formulations capture the active energy of plants, completely covering the gray and giving stronger results without damaging the hair.


Did you know that Aveda is actively concerned about the environment, the planet and the people who inhabit it? For over 30 years, Aveda has used natural ingredients, packaging that is environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources, in addition to establishing business partnerships with indigenous communities around the world. Reflect on what you can change in your life today to contribute positively to the environment.


Experience the natural condition of colour, vivid colour, healthy and durable. Feel another dimension of colour in your hair, new hair that looks smooth, shiny and healthy.